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Steering Wheel Control Best Car GPS and Wiring Instruction

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Today the best car gps in the market come with the built-in steering wheel control function to help drivers manipulate the unit without effort. This function is becoming popular since all the drivers would like to make the journey to be safer and more convenient.

You need to know what type of steering wheel control applied in your car. Usually there are two ways to realize this function : One is to use the CAN BUS decoder box to connect, which is widely used in many specific Car DVD for certain car models, such VW polo/golf, Opel Astra, ect. Another method is using the  AD conversion method, which is usually applied in the general 1 din, 2 Din Car DVD player. It usually has 3 or 4 control cables to connect :

A steering wheel control power cable +5 V
A black is ground cable
One or two data cables 1 or 2
Here's the wiring guide of mounting the steering wheel control cables to your car.

For specific Car DVD come with Can bus system, it's very simple, since most of them are plug and play, just connect the special port and can bus decoder to the car, the steering wheel controls can work.

For the standard 1 Din and 2 Din Car DVD player, you can set the steering wheel control like this:
1. Connect to the 3 or 4 wires of vehicle's steering wheel control correspondingly(SW1 to SW1, SWC2 to SWC2, GND to the ground).
2. Enter the steering wheel setting of the unit, press the steering wheel icon of the car, then you will see the unit will display  the voltage value of the key column.
3. Press the SET KEY icon to set the key features, for example, if  you want to achieve volume + , press the VOL +, then the screen will display VOL + .
4. Click the ENTER button which in the bottom right corner to save the settings. And other buttons can be set in the same way.

Hope it helps you with choosing the right Steering Wheel control enabled best double din head unit, and your installation also. Eonon have many items with this cool function, welcome to take a look at: www.eonon.com


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