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Super Eonon Specific Opel Radio Car DVD

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Many Opel/Vauxhall may tired of the boring factory radio of their vehicle. Many of them would like to upgrade it to an all-in-one opel radio! Which one is the most powerful, yet most steady and affordable? Yes it's Eonon D5103M! It has been proved in the market for 2 years, and it's still widely welcomed around the globe. Do you know why it's so popular? What are the main features of this best double din head unit? Let's discover together:

1. 3 Front Panel Colour Selectable: There're piano black D5108Z Car DVD, silver D5107, grey D5103 which can fit different interior color of your car.

2. It's plug and play, easy to install in the Opel car. This best car gps can fit the car perfectly.

3. Picture in picture function. What is PIP? One program (channel) is displayed on the full screen at the same time as one or more other programs are displayed in inset windows. Our D5103 can display 2 function on the screen at the same time. In PIP mode, you can drag the PIP screen, and Zoom in/Zoom Out the PIP screen.

4. Virtual CD Driver Function. It can store up to 5 music discs, with built in 2G storage. So you don’t need the disc changer any more! It’s a great save of money!

5. Steering Wheel Control Function: You can adjust the volume and others just by press your steering wheel when driving, it will make your trip to be more convenient and safer!

6. Digital Touch Screen with 3D Animation User Interface can also make the photo and video effect to be most clear and vivid ever!7. Dual Zone Function: That is to say, You can enjoy Radio or Navigation with car speakers in front zone; while passengers can be enjoy DVD movies by through rear AV output of unit. And also, you can listen to the music while using GPS navigation at the same time.

7. There are also other great function like Bluetooth, iPod support, POI for GPS, TV and radio, ect.

Further more, in our latest D5103M launched on April, it's newly added with the startup logo selectable function, which make this Car DVD more powerful and customizable. Welcome to take a look at Eonon website: /car-dvd-Players/Specific-Car-DVD.html


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