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The first 2 din general unit which uses the ARM system

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Are you looking for a 2 Din Car DVD Player which can run like a computer? So that you can enjoy every function more faster and easily. If you are looking for one, i am willing to introduce this amazing unit for you.

At first, G2226&G2226D are the first 2 din general Car DVD which uses the ARM system in the market! ARM makes the system run like a computer, faster than any general unit (70 times faster!!). Are you like it?

Second, these Car DVD also has Bluetooth, iPod and GPS Navigation etc. And the GPS function has the dual zone function: First, you can enjoy Navigation with car speakers in the front zone; while backseat passengers can enjoy DVD movies through the AV output of the unit. Second, You can listen to the music while using GPS navigation at the same time.

Last, do you know that G2226D Car GPS Navigation not only has DVB-T function, but also support IPod&Iphone? If so, now there is a golden opportunity for you to get it.

In a word, These 2 Din Car DVD Player is the one you are looking for. As we all know that there are many non-brand Car DVD Player in the market now, So if you buy from Eonon, you can spend less and get more.


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