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How to Watch Digital TV in Eonon Car DVD/GPS?

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Many guys have asked us about how to watch digital TV in Eonon Car DVD Play. Which digital TV standard is applied in your country? DVB-T, ASTC or ISDB? What digital TV box should you get? Let's tell you about the details:

There are mainly 3 digital TV standards for car DVD in the world:
1.    DVB-T: Mainly apply in Europe, Australia, India, etc.
2.    ASTC: Mainly apply in the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea, etc.
3.    ISDB: Mainly apply in Japan, Brazil, Peru and some other South American countries.
Please refer to the below photo, different regions has different digital TV standards. You can see which standard your country is using.
If you are in the region of DVB-T, please get our V0018/V0012 DVB-T digital TV box.

If you are in the region of ASTC, you can get our V0009 ASTC digital TV box:

But we do not have any product for ISDB standard currently in this website.
It's easy to make them work together,  just need to connect he Video Out of digital TV box to the AUX Video In of best car gps.
Hope it helps with your digital TV box selection!


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