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What are 1 Din and 2Din Car DVD Players?

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Nowadays, more and more people are considering their cars as an entertainment center-on-wheels.It's impossible that an entertainment center will be complete without a Car DVD player. For those who think of getting car DVD players, they should firstly know what is 1 din and 2 din.
Car DVD usually divided into 2 kinds, one is single DIN (1 DIN), which is 50 mm high; another is double DIN (2 DIN), which is 100 mm high. You should check the height of your dash board carefully before buying.
DIN refers to a standardized radio/stereo size for vehicles (large enough to accept a CD). International standard ISO 7736 defines a standard size for car audio head units. The standard was originally established by the German standards body Deutsches Institut fur Normung, and is therefore commonly referred to as the "DIN car radio size". It was adopted as an international standard in 1984.
People should understand the meaning of 1 DIN and 2 Din because you will need to know which kind of car DVD player they should buy.Anything changed for the dashboard is a difficult job and, so it's better to get the Car DVD which can appropriately fit your dash. Then you will both save your money on the modification, and make your installation to be more perfect.

1 Din Car DVD Player
The 1Din Car DVD player have different sizes,  the most common one is 7 inch. They are space-saving and usually replace the factory radio or CD player in your dash. The screen can be flipped in the body usually, which can protect the screen from wear. Some of them are with built-in GPS System, Bluetooth function or TV. But the DVD can't be watched when the car is moving, unless the brake wire is connected to the ground wire.

2 Din Car DVD Player
The most welcomed type of Car DVD is 2 Din Car DVD Player in the market. Since for one thing, many cars have a standard 2 Din size. For another, it usually comes with a big screen and very easy to manipulate. In this way, it can fit the car interior properly, and has a very great visual effect. It is more generally used for luxury cars.

So now since you have known What are the differences between 1 Din and 2 Din Car DVD Players, you can be confident to choose the right size to fit your car, and make your ride to be more attractive and interesting!


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