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What makes Good Car GPS Navigation

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Now that you have somewhat made up your mind that you would like to buy a Car GPS Navigation device, but there are a heavy question in your head. Pray, what makes a good Car GPS Navigation? How do I judge the capabilities and qualities of the various GPS systems available in the market? Whether the cheaper systems are better? Should I look for more features? All these questions land in your head.

Firstly, Screen size is an important feature for Car GPS Navigation devices. Since a larger screen provides a larger map view and more context to where you are and what’s coming up. But then again, the screen must not be too big. I mean you don’t want to carry a theatre around on your dashboard now, do you? Ideally, something around 3.5" to 4.7" is best. Most Car GPS Navigation di today are touch screen, so you should definitely check out the quality and sensitivity of the screen before purchasing.

Secondly, Battery life is another deal maker. You want your GPS to have sufficient battery life to last relatively long journeys. Most good Car GPS Navigation today come with a car charger. 5 to 8 hours of battery life is the average. Then, you must also ensure that your GPS provider has up to date maps of your country. Sometimes, incorrect and incoherent maps lead to navigation disasters!
It’s always better to choose a GPS that has a load of fun features like mp3 playback. Bluetooth function allows you to synchronize with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone for hands-free calling.

Finally is the price. The best Car GPS Navigation device should be one that is neither too cheap nor too expensive, but it is the one that provides you all the functions and features that will make you with a real pleasure for using a GPS device, meanwhile, you can save some money. So why not?


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