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  • 2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected
  • 2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected
  • 2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected
  • 2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected
  • 2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected
  • 2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected
  • 2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected
  • 2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected
  • 2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected
  • 2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected


2-DIN Android 4.4.4 Quad-Core 6.2” Multimedia Car DVD GPS with Mutual Control EasyConnected



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  • Universal 2 Din Size
  • Android OS 4.4.4 & premium Quad-Core CPU provide instant response and incredible performance
  • EasyConnected function synchronizes your unit with your mobile devices to give you mutual control

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Android CAR DVD GPS Navigator

6.2 Inch High Definition Digital Screen
Quad-Core Android 4.4.4 KitKat
(Upgraded G2110ZV)

Premium Quad-Core CPU,
Lightning Fast Response

Top Android Head Unit in the Industry 200% faster performance, efficiently deals with a variety of applications with
simple multitasking management Faster boot-up & GPS load time


RK3188 1.6GHz Cortex A9 Quad-Core





Android 4.4.4 KitKat

Through the optimized memory management and touch screen capabilities of Android 4.4.4, the system performance has been brought to an unprecedented fast and accurate level.
You can enjoy your favorite playlists while browsing the web, or play the latest racing games smoothly.
Take advantage of the numerous applications offered on the Android system, including Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook. Find the cheapest gas station nearby, listen to online radio, TED talks, Pandora, and much more. The possibilities are limitless.

*  With ART (Android Runtime) mode, applications run much faster
*  Image display is better optimized
*  Games run more smoothly
*  More efficient use of system resources and space

ALL NEW Capacitive Touch Screen

The same touch screen found on your smart phone. More responsive than ever!

Built-in WiFi hotspot sharing

Easy and seamless internet access for you to browse the internet, watch online videos,
check your Email, play games, download apps, or even navigate with free online maps!

Note: GPS software and applications are not included. Some applications may not be available in all countries. 3G modules need to be purchased separately.

Cost-effective with Free Online Maps

You can easily access different online maps such as Google Map, iGO, Sygic and Waze map. For FREE! With Google map, you can get the most accurate and up-to-date routes, live traffic data, and more. Finding your way around has never been faster and easier.
Network and map time can be synchronized automatically.

Supports EasyConnected Feature

Compatible with Android smartphones and devices, the EasyConnected feature enables mutual control between your smartphone and car head unit. You can simply connect and synchronize your smartphone to the unit via USB, with no additional software required.
(Compatible with smartphones with Android version 4.2 to 5.1. Does not support iOS system.)

Personalized Dynamic Background

7 dynamic backgrounds available. Customers can also use their own pictures as background.


Support for iPod input and charging.
Support iPod Model:
iPod CLASSIC / iPod NANO / iPod TOUCH / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 plus / iPhone 6S / iPhone 6S plus
(Apple Lighting adapter is required for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 series.)

86 Kinds Of Car Opening Logos Optional

You can also choose your own image from your SD card. (Password: 126)

Compatible with Steering Wheel Controls

Skip to the next song, adjust the volume or switch to another channel, all without having to take your hands off the steering wheel, making your journeys safer and more enjoyable. (SWC is Compatible with Japanese Cars only)

Chameleon 2.0

Fully DIY Button Colors
9 LED Button Colors for you to choose from.
Even if your girlfriend changes her clothes three times a day,
you can always find a color to match her outfit!

Compatible with dashcams

(Only for EONON R0003 USB dashcam) Record your journeys anytime and anywhere. Driving is more reliable and safe! Even if your girlfriend changes her clothes three times a day, you can always find a color to match her outfit!

Note: Please visit EONON online shop to purchase R0003. The Bluetooth audio feature will be unavailable while using dashcam.

Supports FULL HD 1920X1080P

Supports various video formats including DAT, MPG, MPEG, VOB, MP4, MOV, AVI, DVD Video, ASF, WMV, MKV, TS, RM, RMVB, and video coding formats such as H.264, Xvid, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC-1, WMV9, MPEG1, H.263, Divx.
Supports full HD resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080P) and also compatible with
1360 x 768(768P), 1280 x 720(720P), 1024 x 576(576P) and other video files with lower definition.


( Bluetooth connection password:0000 Bluetooth name:car-kit) Comes with a built-in microphone on the panel, and supports an external microphone. Supports Bluetooth MP3 Player Feature, Bluetooth contacts sharing feature, and caller name display. Compatible with devices with Bluetooth 2.0 or above, including smartphones from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. MP3 playback only compatible with smartphones that support Bluetooth audio output. Supports most Bluetooth ELM327 (Not compatible with any OBD2 that require a password)

Other Features

Installation typeISO 2 DIN Size
Installation Size178mm×153mm×100mm
Gross Weight2.6kg
Power SupplyDC 12V
Max Working Current15A
Menu Language70 kinds of languages, including English/Spanish/French/German/Portuguese/Italian/Russian/Turkish/Norwegian/Polish, etc.
Auto-memory FunctionYes
Panel Size178mm x102mm
Net Weight1.9kg
External MIC SupportYes
Operation SystemAndroid 4.4.4
CPURK3188 1.6GHz Cortex A9 Quad-Core
Storage16 GB
Mutual Control Between HU & PhoneYes (Supports mutual control between head unit & your android smart phone)
Type6.2 Inch High Definition Digital Capac
Touch Screen FunctionYes
Changeable Startup LogoYou can choose one of the 86 built-in car logos or any image from your SD card as your boot logo (enter the factory setting, password : 126.)
Built-In Clock Display FunctionYes
Built-in LED Button Color OptionsFully DIY Button Colors. 9 LED Button Colors for you to choose from.(Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Apple Green, Sky Blue, Yellow, White, Multicolor).
Dynamic Background Pictures8 Kinds of Dynamic Background Pictures Selectable. Customers can also set their favorite pictures as background.
Image Brightness AdjustableYes
Make And Receive Calls Hands freeYes (Compatible with devices with Bluetooth 2.0 or above, including smartphones from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc.)
Bluetooth MP3 Player FunctionYes (This function is only compatible with devices supporting Bluetooth Audio Output)
Built-in MicrophoneYes
Support Bluetooth Phonebook FunctionYes
Support Bluetooth Contact SearchYes
Connect Code5802 (Name: Eonon)
TV & Radio
Radio Stations30 Stations Memory
Built-In RDS Radio Receiver FunctionYes
Radio Frequency RegionChina, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, USA 1, USA 2, Japan
Audio & Video
Max power4x50W Surround Stereo
Built-in Microphone in the control panelYes
Input & Output
RCA Audio/Video OutputYes
AUX Audio/Video inputYes
Back Sight Input to CameraYes
Built in amplifierYes
USB/SD slot maximum compatibilityUSB port / Micro SD card reader Supports USB flash drives and MP3 players with up to 32G of storage, but external hard drives are not supported.
Subwoofer OutputYes
GPS Antenna InputYes
USB/SD Supported Video FormatsSupports MPEG-1/2/4、H264、RMVB、DivX…all Android video formats, network media playing, and 1080P video decoding.
Audio FormatsSupports MP3,WMA,WAV,AC3,OGG,FLAC etc, and network audio playing.
Picture FormatsSupports JPEG,BMP,PNG,TIFF etc.
3G/WIFI InputYes
FR/FL/RR/RL Four Speakers OutputYes
Built in amplifier FR/FL/RR/RL 4-Channel Audio OutputYes
iPod / iPhone
Support iPod/iPhone InputiPod/iPhone
Support iPod/iPhone Music PlaybackiPod CLASSIC/iPod NANO/iPod TOUCH/ iPhone 4/ iPhone 4s/ iPhone 5/ iPhone 5s/ iPhone 5c (iPhone 5 series need Apple Lighting Adapter)
Can be charged when connectingYes
  • by dinodadog7****
    2016/7/6 12:24:00

    Everything went well and all is working as it shouldI love the sound it produces, seems very strong, much stronger than the original head unit from toyota. So far so good. Great unit.

  • by don-sisir****
    2016/6/17 17:05:00

    Wow ...I am glad I did it. He is in my Lancia Lybra..Great Unit. G2110f. I really enjoy each and every drive. Thanks a lot Eonon. Don.

  • by silena22****
    2016/5/27 10:11:00

    I am very glad with my Eonon g2110f which I have now already nearly Two months. It''s really fun with all these possibilities. I have a Lancia Libra from 2001. Fun on the road.

  • by Skozma6****
    2016/5/6 17:49:00

    This is a great unit. Everyone that sees it loves it.I was hesitant about this purchase but after reading all the reviews I chose it and very glad I did. Installation was very easy ( the only thing I would like to see different would be a truck package that offered longer wires for the camera, satellite and microphone. I was able to make them work though just not where I wanted them to be) I am very impressed with the ease of use and how well everything works. This is an amazing head unit especially for the price! The only problem I''m having is the bluetooth for phone calls is not very loud. Not sure if it''s a phone issue or not. It also has a small start up lag for about 30 seconds or so but you get used to it quick. All an all no radio is perfect but this one is pretty close! Love this unit. Customer service has been fantastic too. My unit is the G2110F Thank you eonon probably going to buy another one!

  • by n5sf****
    2016/4/15 11:32:00

    Eonon is the BEST Radios and has the Best Customer support !!!! The settings you gave me fixed both issues. Thank you all very much I have bought 3 radios from Eonon over the last 5 Years and Enjoyed them very much !!! Again Thank you, Eonon is #1 in their class of Radios!

  • by f4ifran****
    2016/3/19 6:54:00

    I purchased this from Eonon on Ebay. I wanted to wait a few weeks before I reviewed, so here it is: Overall Im very happy with the unit. It does everything that Eonon says it does. Eonon shipped from China to Atlanta (US) in 5 days, thats incredible. THanks Eonon for a great product!!!

  • by n5sf****
    2016/3/7 21:44:00

    When it comes to features verses price, no other company can come close to Eonon! This is my third Eonon Radio !

  • by n5sf****
    2016/2/25 15:25:00

    This is my third radio over the years from you. I have enjoyed all and this one looks awesome !!!

  • by Vagif.Sadigo****
    2016/1/19 11:20:00

    G2110F installation in Mercedes Vito 2010. Well fitted, using special Mercedes frame to fit the free space. Quality of head unit is perfect, android works well, without delays, Radio,Wifi, Bluetooth are fine. Well done, Eonon! Thanks for good unit!

  • by bentimmons198****
    2016/1/13 14:36:00

    The unit is installed and working great, thank you, We received the unit within 2 days of order.Just need another one now for our other car.

  • by galfano10****
    2016/1/12 12:31:00

    The radio arrived perfectly, the shipment was excellent and fast. I mounted the radio yesterday and I must say it is very beautiful!

  • by shaamilnoor5****
    2016/1/5 18:26:00

    I have received and installed my G2110F and it fits perfectly in my Toyota Yaris hatchback. The unit is awesome! I love the new UI and all the features of this product! It is also lightning fast with the new kit kat system! The sound is also very nice indeed!

  • by stevemill****
    2015/12/31 22:50:00

    I couldnt be more pleased with the unit it works perfectly and is exactly as described. Fitting was an absolute breeze and fit is also perfect. So it is A to you for manufacture, delivery and customer service.

  • by doofydag1****
    2015/12/10 19:35:00

    The head unit turned up in really great condition and here are the pics of it installed in my 1995 Nissan R33 Skyline GTS25 :) Perfect fitment and exactly what I imagined. Such a great product here and Im proud to rock the G2110F in my car!

  • by p.haslambrun****
    2015/11/8 23:02:00

    Just installed in my Mk 2 Pajero with rear view camera and iGO maps no problems system functioning perfectly.

  • by damienswor****
    2015/10/29 11:41:00

    Ive had my G2110F installed a month now. The unit has worked great. It fits my 2000 Celica perfectly, just had to order the OEM mounting brackets (8621120410 - left side, and 8621220400 - right side) and a mounting bracket (270813970713) to fit in the center console correctly. All of which can be found for less than $50, total. Definitely a good purchase for the price. Pros: -Easy install. -Easy to see in daylight. -Looks great. -Low cost. -Once started its quick and responsive. -Automatically opens the last app that was open after shutting down. -Easy to personalize. Cons: -Startup is a little slow. About a minute sometimes. Pretty much standard cellphone boot time. -No zone color control (You CAN set the colors, but its all one color for the buttons). -Could use more audio adjustment. -Sometimes the audio control knob stops working (A quick power cycle fixes that) and can be controlled with the onscreen volume control. Thats only happened twice and seems to only happen if Im switching through a bunch of different apps. Excellent product for the price. Ive paid more for less. I would recommend this for anyone wanting a decent touch screen without shelling out a ton of cash.

  • by ecarrero****
    2015/9/13 1:44:00

    como es el proceso de compra de :G2110F android 4.4.4 Kitkat OS QUAD CORE 6.2 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD GPS Navigation

  • by andre.schaub5****
    2015/8/31 10:16:00

    Now its real... My new android 4.4.4 unit! Thank you Eonon! Its absoltly great part..i lovin it. By my Ford Focus MK1