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Returns and Warranty Policy

At Eonon, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our returns and warranty policy is designed to make your shopping experience worry-free.

Warranty Coverage Exclusively for products purchased on Eonon official website
Warranty Duration - 2 years warranty for Eonon Android car stereos.

- 1 year warranty for special offers and accessories.

- 60 days warranty for free gifts.

Return for Product Issue

Return Period Solutions
Within 2 months Full refund/ Free exchange
Within 1 year Partial refund/ Special discount for a new unit
Within 2 years Special discount for a new unit

Note: Replacement or special discounted unit warranty starts from the original order date.

Return for Non-Product Issue

Package Status Refund Cost
Unopened Shipping fees
Opened but Not Installed Shipping fees + 20% Depreciation expense
Installed Shipping fees + 30% Depreciation expense

Please note:

  • Returns for non-product issues are not accepted after one month.

  • Special offer products (product model number begin with B) do not support returns and refunds for non-product issues.


  • Please check parcel before signing. Report transit damage or wrong packages within 5 days.

  • Please seek professional assistance before installation. We are not liable for defects resulting from improper installation or use. And installation, uninstallation, and tax costs are not covered by us.

  • Please contact us before returning so we can provide you with the necessary information for the return process. Otherwise, there is a risk of the parcel being lost or incurring unnecessary high costs.

  • Final interpretation rights are reserved.