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What is Speed Camera Alert in Car GPS and How It Works

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Nowadays many best car gps are with built-in speed camera alert in their map. Why it should be used in the map it how it works? In this blog, you will know all of the useful information about speed camera.

What are speed cameras?
Speed cameras are photo enforcement devices that, when a vehicle traveling 12 or more miles per hour over the speed limit passes, a camera will automatically record a speeding violation. After a City police officer reviews the results, a citation may then be mailed to the owner of the vehicle as determined by the license plate. Some good Car DVD GPS may have speed camera alert.

Where are speed cameras on the road?
Usually, the speed cameras are in these areas:- where accidents frequently occur;- where speeding is usually one of the main causes for the accidents;- where human police controls are difficult.

How does the speed camera work?
The vehicle is speeding. As it passes by an automatic radar, speeding is detected and a digital picture of the vehicle is taken. The picture is crypted then sent to a national treatment center via internet networks (adsl connection). At the center the picture is uncrypted and the registration of the car is taken, as well as all the relevant data (time, speed, etc). The registration is compared to the database of stolen cars and rented cars. Police officers supervise this stage. The fine is then mailed to the owner of the car. A contestation is possible if the owner was not the driver.

Eonon's Car GPS are now with the latest 2012 Sygic map, which is with the new added speed camera function in their map. It's highly requested by their customers, so in the new batch of products, the develop such technology. To know more best double din head unit, you can visit their website here: http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS-Navigations.html


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